Wellness Lifestyle

Wolf River Wellness, Physicians of Mid-South Internal Medicine, MemphisOnce your annual wellness exam is complete, your doctor may recommend wellness lifestyle changes for better health. Your wellness exam may indicate you need to:

  • move closer to your ideal weight—obesity is often accompanied by serious health concerns
  • eat a diet rich in fiber and certain nutrients to improve health and prevent illness
  • reduce consumption of sugar to help prevent diabetes
  • reduce sodium intake to help control blood pressure
  • reduce cholesterol intake for a healthier circulatory system and heart
  • increase calcium intake for stronger bones
  • eliminate smoking to help protect you from strokes, heart attacks, lung cancer, and diabetes
  • reduce alcohol intake for better overall health and disease prevention
  • take certain prescriptions to help prevent serious illness

To schedule your wellness appointment, please call: (901) 767-5000 or email: [email protected]