Prioritizing Your Wellness for 30 Years

Wolf River Wellness has been providing exceptional care to patients of all ages in Germantown and throughout the Mid-South for 30 years and counting. Our team of experts gives you and your family top-quality testing, treatment, and healthcare.

The Best Choice for Care

"I have been visiting Wolf River Wellness for almost 20 years. I’m always able to get in quickly, they respond quickly and always have my best interest at heart. A great team and an excellent choice for an internal medicine physician."

- Doc H.

Expert Care

Your body deserves the best care, and that’s what you’ll get at Wolf River Wellness. Our team consists of eight internal medicine experts to give you thorough, personalized care at every stage of your life.

We have eight specialists on staff, including four board-certified doctors, one double-board certified, and a nurse practitioner with 20 years of experience. Each of our providers has extensive education and hands-on experience serving our community through patient-centered care.

When you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, it helps to have a team in your corner who can provide personalized guidance every step of the way. Our team will listen to your concerns and conduct testing to create a treatment plan to meet your needs and give your body the best care possible.

Preventative Approach

Taking care of your body before problems arise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We’ll perform a wellness exam for every patient we see to ensure good health and diagnose any underlying conditions that might need treatment.

Ultrasounds and other screenings give us all of the information we need to direct preventative care for you and your family. This approach gives you peace of mind as you navigate your daily life and make choices that impact your health and wellness.

You-Centered Care

The human body is complex, and every person we see is unique. That’s why we give attentive, personalized care to each patient at our office in Germantown.

We treat people from one to 100, so you can find exactly what your family needs at every age. When you visit Wolf River Wellness, you’ll feel like our top priority—because you are.

Your care and satisfaction are at the forefront of every conversation, test, and general interaction with our team.

30 Years of Service

At Wolf River Wellness, we’re building a legacy of quality that we’re proud to share with you and your family. For 30 years, we’ve given the Mid-South high-quality healthcare with a personal touch.

Our patients have voted us Memphis Most’s “Best Family Practice” for four years, and we’re honored to hold that title. We go above and beyond daily to provide exceptional service to every patient who enters our office because you deserve to feel at home where you receive medical care.

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Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Germantown, so your care is always accessible.

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